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Beats Music was all about curated content. Making playlists that were RIGHT FOR YOU. RIGHT NOW.

Beats by Dre was famous for outfitting athletes with headphones. Every year we gifted one MLB player on each team with a custom set of headphones.

For the next step, we created a custom playlist for each player. I went to Spring Training, interviewed each player, understood how they used music and what they listened to. Then, worked on why their fans would find that interesting. A little peek into their lives.

The result was playlist for each player, presented to them in person, that went live that day. Players tweeted out the link. Many used the songs as their walk-up music.

Albert Pujols was both religious about his faith and his workout.


Carlos Gonzales always brought his music and dominoes on flights.


CC Sabathia listened to music as he studied film of his mechanics and opposing batters.

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