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(310) 291 - 7272

About Me:

Creative Director / Copywriter / Shirtmaker / Softball Pitcher

Hi. Thanks for looking at my site and considering me for a job. Here's a little bit about my career. But before you read what I've done, I'd like to talk about how I like to do it.


I enjoy what I do. I believe in giving back to younger creatives what greats like Rick Sittig instilled in me. Mentoring. Nurturing. Motivating. He created and led in one swoop, and that's what I set out to do at every point. Always try and leave the work and the team better than you found it.


I started my career with a 7-year dream job working on the Jack in the Box campaign where I compiled over 250 TV commercials and radio spots that earned recognition from Cannes, The One Show, Radio Mercury Awards and a few other shows my mom loves telling her friends about. I then moved to Singapore to run the global campaigns for Heineken and Nokia at Bates Advertising. After returning to the states, I landed at Deutsch/LA where I created the account winning “Trust me, I’m a Doctor” campaign for Dr. Pepper and the “Punch Dub” Super Bowl spot that helped bring VW into the building. Later, as a contractor, I sold and produced the Gold Lion winning “Intention” work for Apple as well as the global branding campaign “Designed by Apple in California. After being recruited by Beats by Dre to launch their music streaming service “Beats Music”, I spent most of 2013-14 helping to create and oversee all the marketing, public relations, partnerships and social and general advertising communication to come out of the company. Beats Music has the most successful launch of a music streaming service ever. I then went on to freelance at INNOCEAN / USA where I sold a re-branding effort for Hyundai. I moved to become ECD at PITCH where I manage a creative department of 25, won new business, solidified great client relationships. I spent the better part of a year as a marketing consultant and creative director at WIX.COM in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Most recently I have spent time winning accounts for local agencies, advising companies and influencers on creating content as well as freelancing for newly formed creative studios like "Nomad Creative Studio" to create work for Emerson Collective.

Currently, as a board member for Sharewell, (formally ZIMMER), I have created the concept and contents for a new Cayton Children's Museum in Santa Monica, California. Its purpose is to instill and encourage our youngest members of this planet to fill it with kindness and compassion and PLAY THEIR WORLD TO A BETTER PLACE.

Full Time

2018 -             Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

2015 – 2016  PITCH: Burger King, Pepsi, Citrix, Bonefish Grill, Konami, Sunpower, Haggen

2009 – 2012: Deutsch/LA: Dr Pepper, Volkswagen, fresh&easy Neighborhood Markets, HTC

2008 – 2009: Tried my brain at cool stuff: MTV, Books, Movies

2007 – 2008: Bates Singapore: Heineken (global) , Nokia (global)

1999 – 2007: Secret Weapon Marketing: Jack in the Box, IKEA, Activision

1999 – 1999: Suissa/Miller: Acura


2017 - 2018: Innocean, Nomad, Phenomenon and several startups

May 2016 - Feb 2017-  Tel Aviv, Israel

August 2014 – Jan 2015: INNOCEAN USA: Hyundai

July 2013 – August 2014: BEATS BY DRE: BEATS MUSIC

Nov 2012 – July 2013: TBWA/Media Arts Lab: Apple


Cannes Lions  – 1 Gold, 2 Bronze for Apple
Radio Mercury $5000 Prize Winner
Cannes Lions Finalist X2
One Show Merit X3
CA Advertising Annual X3
Belding Bowl Winner X3
New York Festivals Bronze

A T-shirt company I started “Heysix”
In 2011, I started designing, printing and selling t-shirts. At first they were to give the players on my beloved Dodgers some shine.  It’s making money. It's got an appreciative fan base. It’s gonna be huge. If you want one, check out

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